What is Organic SEO

The term SEO has been around for a while and when referred to, most people understand that you are talking about Search Engine Optimization. However, in the past few years Google has been updating its algorithm while trying to get rid of spammy sites appearing in the search results along with legit sites using spammy tactics in order to manipulate the search engine.

What is Organic SEO and Where did it Come From?

Organic = natural. Google’s guidelines for webmasters do not allow a lot of the bad tactics that were once common within the SEO community. For that reason, Google’s motto is “build a website that the user will love and want to share with his friends”. Agreed, that’s pretty vague. There are hundreds of parameters that need to be taken into consideration in order to create a site that the user will like, but the most important part here is the organic SEO aspect. Keep everything natural, don’t try to manipulate.

Lets think about some parameters that that would be important for us as website users looking for interesting information:

  • Great content that would actually want to read, so interesting and well written that I might want to share on social networks or email to a friend.
  • Good looking site, serious looking, not amateurish.
  • Easy navigation and overall look.
  • Fast site, I wouldn’t want to stay on a site (or let alone, share one) that is incredibly slow.
  • A site that actually answers the query I searched for on Google.

These are just some important points to take into consideration when creating an organic SEO website.

So, the difference between non organic site optimization is the fact that it once revolved around manipulation rather than quality.

These days you want to look for Organic SEO services and not services that are desperately trying to hang on to what SEO used to be while using old tactics instead of growing with the world of website optimization.