SEO in 2014 vs. 2004

SEO has evolved immensely in the past few years and is totally different that just a few years ago.

SEO in 2004

SEOs in 2004 (up till a couple of years ago actually) didn’t have too much work, nor did they have to be that creative. It was a budget game – more money = buying more links, more links = better ranks, better ranks = happy clients. It was a pretty straight forward game, gain as many links as you can, point them at your money site and Google will love you. You lost a few ranks? no problem, lets buy a few more links and get right back up there. That was basically it, no brainer.

SEO in 2014

2014 is a whole different ball game. 2014 Google focuses on so many factors besides links. If i had to name the game in 3 words they would be: Quality, Diversity and Organically.

  • Quality – Google is interested in giving its users the best experience possible while taking all aspects of quality in mind. Spelling, grammar, media on page, text length, page speed, layout and many more factors. There are actually 200 (!!!) factors that affect ranks on each page. Although SEO gurus might tell you they know the exact formula, the harsh truth is – Only Google knows, all we can do is try to give our users the best experience possible and play by the rules.
  • Diversity – When acquiring links, the amount doesn’t matter as much as it used to, the point is to diversify the types of links. You can’t just have tons of site wide footer links any more, you need to acquire many different types of links from different types of sites and platforms. Which brings us to our last point…
  • Organically – When taking about links, this is a word that will come up most and is most looked at by Google. Even though it’s a known fact that lots of links didn’t actually get to where they are, organically, they need to look that way. In 2014 SEOs need to be creative in finding new and organic looking places to put their links on, hoping for the best.

Here at X2click we want to wish you a great and successful year of SEO.


photo credit: thomasstache via photopin cc