Free Website Analysis Tools – Competitor Research

When doing SEO we all focus on our own site so much that we forget that we aren’t the only ones out there. Most of us know that there are a lot of very good website analysis tools out there that could give us a good sense of what’s going on on our competitors’ websites, however there are a few pretty good alternatives that are perfectly free.

Obviously the tools that are free are a limited version of a premium tool that will provide us with much more info than the free version but if you are working with a tight budget, this post could be very beneficial for you.

Free Website Analysis Tools

  1. SEMrush – is an incredibly powerful tool if you use its premium version but using its free version is a possibility too. You can get competitor information such as traffic count, keywords, traffic source, competitors in search or paid ads, backlink count and more. Bottom line: No need to sign up, gives limited information but could be very helpful if you want to see how well your competitor is doing.
  2. Opensiteexplorer – is a powerful tool developed by and is considered to be one of the best tools for SEO professionals. Opensiteexplorer will help you evaluate what your competitors are doing in terms of backlinks. Think of Google, just as they scrape every single page on the internet, so does this tool and more importantly it saves every single link on the web. When entering a competitor’s website address, you will be able to see where they are getting backlinks from.
    Bottom line: The free version is very limited but will still show you some backlinks. If you need more than a few backlinks this won’t be enough.
  3. MajesticSEO – pretty much the same idea as opensiteexplorer but from years of use of both of them both in the free version and the paid, I prefer using MajesticSEO for a few reasons but the most important one being the fact that MajesticSEO shows more backlinks, it seems like opensiteexplorer didn’t scrape as many pages as MajesticSEO did.
    Bottom line: my personal favorite, at the moment I actually use the paid version which helps me get a full analysis of competitors’ sites and where their backlinks are coming from. There are plenty more features but the main one for me is the backlinks which gives you a pretty good picture of your competitors.