Content is King in SEO

If you do a few quick searches on Google to find the “secret” about how to rank your site better on Google you will find literally  billions of results of some so called “SEO gurus”, some of them actually know what they are talking about and make some valid points, while others will try and fill your head with lots of black-hat techniques and ways to spam the net. The truth is – no one (Besides Google) really knows all the parameters that affect your site’s rankings on search engines but there are lots of parameters that we know contribute to a positive ranking for certain.

Quality Content = Quality Rankings

One of the most effective and easiest ways to rank better is giving the user what he was and is looking for. Content – in any shape or form. If you add value – they will come. Google rewards sites the are obviously working hard to satisfy their users. Adding value to your readers / users will result in good responses, high time on site, interacting on the site, sharing on social networks, emailing friends and what not. All these and more give Google positive signals about your site which will result in better rankings.

Sure, there are so many other parameters that affect a page’s ranking (200 to be exact) but what Google is looking for is organic SEO rather than some black or grey hat techniques. Regular people that have a site and want people to read it, add content, add pages, add posts – those are the type of sites that Google loves rewarding and ranking.

So you might ask – Does this mean I don’t need an SEO specialist? Should I do it all on my own? – Of course not. There are so many elements and tasks that SEOs do on a daily basis and are imperative for a site’s online success. Among other things a successful SEO needs to be up to date regarding Google updates to algorithms, updates regarding specific tags and most importantly – needs to be top notch in technical SEO.

The bottom line here is –

Content is king

Add as much valuable content as you possibly can and you could be sure that your site will start ranking better and attracting more users.

content in king in SEO