6 Web Hosting Tips for Optimal SEO

Choosing a reliable web hosting company might seem like a trivial decision, however your choice of a web hosting company could potentially effect the SEO functionality of the site.Having the best hosting possible will potentially improve your organic SEO.

6 Web Hosting Tips for Optimal Organic SEO Success

  1. Never choose a free hosting plan. There are various reasons for this, some of them will be in the following tips.
  2. Check out your neighbors – Most of you will choose a shared hosting plan, meaning there are other sites on the same IP. Just as you wouldn’t want to build a luxurious jewellery store in the projects, same thing on the internet. If you are surrounded by spam sites, your chances of succeeding are smaller.
  3. Enough storage – Choose a web host that will provide you with enough storage to expand your site. Content is king in SEO, and if you can’t add content for lack of space, that will effect your organic seo ability to expand and rank properly.
  4. GEO of Servers – If you are trying to target an audience in Israel per se’, having a web host in israel would make the most sense. First reason is speed – the pages will upload faster. Second – you are signaling to google organically that this site is made for Israelis.
    • On the other hand of GEO is not tripping yourself. Do not host a site in a local country when you are targeting a whole different audience. Hosting in big countries such as USA, UK, Australia could be fine but hosting in a smaller non “main country” when focusing on a whole different region is a mistake.
  5. Down time – every host has a % of down time. Meaning the amount of time the servers are down, thus your site is down too. Check for a web host with the lowest percentage of down time. The lower the downtime, the better the organic SEO potential.
  6. Correct operating system – Most of you are planning to host a PHP based website such as wordpress, for that reason make sure you get a Linux Apache server.

There are many other things that can be looked at before choosing a hosting company but generally speaking, these are the top 6 tips that you need to know.