5 Wrong Approaches to Organic SEO

Unfortunately just like in any other business, some people will try to take the high road and others will try and take shortcuts. There are plenty of “SEO professionals” that will tell you anything in order to seal the deal. Due to poor explaining of the real process of organic SEO optimization, many potential clients have the wrong idea about the process.

        1. What rank can you guarantee me? – that sentence proves that he has been promised specific ranks in the past. No one can guarantee a specific rank, no one has “connections at Google” that will make your site rank well. Rankings are an outcome of a lot of hard work and various techniques. For the sake of the example lets say you are promoting a site in the mobile phone industry. There must be tens of thousands of online stores that sell mobile phones. I would assume that a good portion of them have SEO efforts going on on their site. If they all guarantee that they will get the site they are promoting to Google’s first page for a competitive keyword, the vast majority of them will be wrong / lying. Only 10 sites can be on the first page for a particular search term, that’s a fact.
        2. How long will it take? – There is no way to know how long promoting a site will take until reaching the desired rankings. There are too many parameters to consider. There are your competitors, algorithm changes, quality of backlinks and Google’s reaction to them and much more. Organic SEO takes time, be prepared for the ride.
        3. How many links will you build each month?  There is a false notion that the more the merrier. If that was true then every organic SEO professional would just use automatic tools that spam the net and kick back and relax. Unfortunately links have to be as high quality as possible. Telling a client they will get 1000 backlinks a month isn’t saying much except the fact that they will be spamming the net and get the client’s site slapped by Google.
        4. How many keywords will you promote? This is a pretty old way of working but it still exists. SEO firms give prices depending on the amount of keywords you want to promote. Anyone with any basic optimization knowledge would understand how wrong that is. What that means is that they will be sending X amount of links per eery keyword you give them. Eventually a site working with such a tactic will be penalized.
        5. Once we reach our goal we will stop the SEO – This last one is understandable although wrong. The fact that a particular site has reached its goal, doesn’t mean it will stay there for ever. There are a few reasons for that but the 2 main reasons are:
          • Once you succeed your competitors will start working harder
          • Google doesn’t like sites that are “stuck”

Assuming you follow these 5 tips of thinking correctly about SEO, you should be fine.

Good Luck!