5 Basic Google Analytics Tips

Since Google changed around the Google Analyitcs interface a few days ago, I decided I should give out some basic Analytics tips for those of you that don’t know what they’re looking at within the interface.

Tip #1 – Where is your traffic coming from

To see where your traffic is coming from, all you need to do is go to “Aqcuisition” and click “All traffic”.

google analytics tip 1

Now you will see all the referrals, direct and organic traffic to your site.

Google analytics 2 google analytics 3

Tip #2 – Filter out any sources that you want

Next to the search window there is an Advanced button, click it and it will open a filter area.

advanced filter

Choose exclude and add the source that you wish to exclude. In the image below you can see that I wrote “G” and Analytics gave me all the referral options that begin with a G. When you are finished choosing, just click apply on the bottom left. Walla! Google is nowhere to be found.

exclude google

Tip #3 – Secondary Dimensions

Secondary dimensions help us get the exact info that we need. There are endless types of info that you can get using secondary dimensions and lots of ways to do it. This way is an example of checking our landing pages for traffic coming from Google organic.

Click Google organic from within the list we say before.

google organic

Click on secondary dimensions like in the image below, start writing landing page and then choose it (you can browse and see what other options exist).

landing pages

The next screen will show you the top landing pages and stats that come from Google organic.

google and landing pages

Tip #4 – Real time (feel like a spy)

This tip isn’t really that useful but it’s kind of cool. You can take a deep look into what’s going on within your site at an exact moment and see all kinds of stats about the traffic.

In the left sidebar, click on Real-Time and Overview (you can tryout the other options too).

realtime overviewThe stats that you are looking at now (just like in the image below) are what’s happening on the site right now. You can click on some of the stats and dig a bit deeper if you want but you don’t necessarily need to.

real time overview


Tip #5 – Channels

This is a pretty new feature but is pretty useful. In the past if you wanted to see all your organic traffic without the rest you would have to build a filter but now it is done for us.

In the left sidebar, go to acquisition and click on channels.


Within this view, you will be able to see the exact stats for each type of traffic. If you want to dig deeper, all you have to do is to click on a type of traffic and analyze away.