20 Tips for Proper SEO

In most cases, building a website does not guarantee success, it does not guarantee that people will actually find your site and enjoy what ever it is that you have to offer.

I gathered some tips to help you get on your course for proper SEO.

  1. On-page and off-page optimization – doing only one will significantly lower your chances of succeeding to rank your site properly. Make sure to spend time with both your on-page as well as your off-page SEO.
  2. What is your competition doing? – Spend some time researching what your competition is doing do get his name out there, what type of content he creates, what type of terms does he use etc. You could learn a lot by looking at others.
  3. SEO is a journey – SEO takes time, there is no use stressing about your SEO results since these things take time. No site is alike, one site could take a couple of months to start ranking and another could take 10 months, it’s not up to you – It’s up to Google. Just treat it as a journey which at the end you get a great gift – Excellent traffic!
  4. Content – Content is your best asset is SEO. There is a reason they say content is king in SEO, if you keep on creating great content, you will keep on attracting your potential clients. It’s not just a myth, Content kills competition is SEO.
  5. Get familiar with Google tools – There are several free to use Google tools that will make your life easier such as Google Analytics, Webmastertools and many more. Learn how to analyze and improve your traffic, CTR, HTML mistakes and much much more.
  6. Keep up to date – Read professional SEO blogs, read the Google for webmasters blog, know what’s going on and be serious about it.
  7. Don’t spam the net – The definition of web spam is unnatural links, the truth is – you could manually add links to your site in several types of platforms but you have to do it sensibly – you can read all about that on some of the professional SEO blogs.
  8. Google + authorship – Set up and add a Google plus profile to your site. This will build your credibility and help rank for local searches.
  9. Remove duplicate content – Some sites are built with some of the same text which is repetitive on all pages. Make sure all your content is original and does not repeat itself throughout the entire site.
  10. Write informative as opposed to sales – You need to be writing for people who want to actually read what you have to say. Take your sales pitch and through it out the window. Be informative, write compelling posts, think like a reader and not like a future customer.
  11. Create videos – If it makes sense and it’s possible – create videos, people love videos. Add them to your site and to other video sharing sites like YouTube and add a link to your site.
  12. DO NOT create a link exchange page – Very bad and old tactic. Trading links could be ok but do it smart, don’t put them all on a page and call it links.
  13. Find the best keywords for your product – Users might be searching for an entirely different term than you think, thus missing out on a huge opportunity. Do your keyword research and make sure you are targeting the best Keywords possible.
  14. Meta title and Description – Adding a compelling meta title and meta description will increase your CTR. Meta title and description are what the user first sees on Google – make them want to click.
  15. Add ALT tags – Google might be smart and evolving by the minute but they can’t read pictures yet. For that reason it’s imperative to tell them what your image is. Good ALT usage can go a log way.
  16. Link to sites in your niche – Help your readers find other sources in your niche and Google will reward you and understand your niche much better.
  17. Add your contact info on all pages – Add your contact information (address, phone, email) on your footer, this will improve your local search rankings.
  18. Add social share buttons and ask for a share – Adding social share buttons are great and pretty important to improve your reach but i would put an emphasis on asking for a share. Some people actually like helping you… You would be surprised.
  19. Make your content readable – Make your posts easy for people to read, that can be done several ways: Break the post into paragraphs, Use headings (h1, h2, h3), lists (like this post), images demonstrating a point, info graphics etc.
  20. Proper keyword structure – It all depends upon the nature of the site but what i always recommend is to create categories that target the “heavy” keywords and the pages beneath them should target the long-tails or the lower search volume keywords.